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The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for student admissions, registration, course enrollment, teaching capability enhancement, student learning fostering, student academic records, curriculum and faculty evaluation management, etc.

The Office of Academic Affairs consists of the Division of Admissions, the Division of Curriculum and Instruction, the Division of General Affairs, Center for Teaching and Learning Development, and the Dean’s Office.

  • The Division of Admissions is responsible for all aspects of student admissions, including applications and examinations.

  • The Division of Curriculum and Instruction handles curriculum changes, student registration, student records and transcripts filing, freshmen enrollment, and evaluation of seniors for graduation.

  • The Division of General Affairs holds new department/institute expansion, academic degree curriculum adjustment, campus tour, university expo (exposition), and the CCU ambassadors.

  • Center for Teaching and Learning Development (CTLD) is committed to enhancing the quality of education by providing teachers with resources, programs, and support. CTLD also seeks to create an innovative learning environment for teachers and students by hosting workshops, providing consultation and online learning platform, and conducting research on curriculum reform.

  • The Dean of Academic Affairs oversees the above Divisions, and coordinates with the deans of the seven colleges of the university. The Dean continuously works to enhance research development and teaching standards.
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