Provost and Staff

教務長室 Provost's Office

Name Title Tel E-mail
Shin-Yuan Hung Provost +886-5-2720411ext.11000
Shu-Mei Chen Secretary +886-5-2720411ext.11001
Bao-Lin Lee Technician +886-5-2720411ext.11306
Hui-Ru Yang Janitor +886-5-2720411ext.11003
Cheng-Fang Cai Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11005

招生組 Division of Admissions

Name Title Tel E-mail
Chao-Wen Lien Division Head +886-5-2720411ext.11100
Shu-Ling Chou Specialist +886-5-2720411ext.11101
Ya-Wen Chuang Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11102
Fang-Ying Yu Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11103
Yun-Ying Chang Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11104
Jui-Chia Chang Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11105
Shu-Hui Hu Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11106

教學組 Division of Curriculum and Instruction

Name Title Tel E-mail
Shu-Shin Chiang Division Head +886-5-2720411ext.11200
Wen-Li Chiu Specialist +886-5-2720411ext.11201
Chun-Chun Cheng Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11203
Yue-Jiao Chen Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11205
Huei-Ru Chuang Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11208
Yu-Jiao Chen Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11204
Chin-Wei Hsu Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11209
Li-Min Huang Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11202
Se-Huei Wong Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11206
Rou-Yun Mao Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11207
Yi-Tsung Kao Janitor +886-5-2720411ext.11211

綜合業務組 Division of General Affairs

Name Title Tel E-mail
Ming-Chang Cheng Division Head +886-5-2720411ext.11300
Yi-Liang Shen Specialist +886-5-2720411ext.11301
Guan-Liang Chen Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11302
Kuan-Hung Chen Janitor +886-5-2720411ext.11303
Chuen-Ya Yang Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11304

教學發展中心 Center for Teaching and Learning Development

Name Title Tel E-mail
Yu-Shu Chen Director and Vice Provost +886-5-2720411ext.11600
Fang-Chang Chang Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11601
Wei-Cheng Chiou Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11604
Hsin-Yin Liu Officer +886-5-2720411ext.11603
Fu-Sheng Lin Officer none
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